Incentive travel is business travel that helps motivate employees or partners. Demand for incentive travel is driving programs to head to more exotic and off-the-beaten path destinations. The travel programs are a motivational tool to enhance productivity or achieve business objectives in which participants earn the reward based on a specific level of achievement set forth by management. Earners are rewarded with a trip and the program is designed to recognize earners for their achievements.

Pink Sky Travel is an incentive specialist and will tailor your perfect INCENTIVE TRAVEL anywhere in the world according to your budget, guests profile and timing.

Pink Sky Travel has done incentive trips into all continents, here are a few programs of  past realized trips : 


Incentive program in Lisbon organized for sales agents & distributors of a N°1 French carpentry manufacturer 

Discovery of Lisbon into privatized tram, tuk-tuk and 4×4 cars for seaside excursion. The clients have experienced due to the large number of participants incredible privatized venues into greatest  building of the city such as traditional fado live music into ancient stone vaulted house, diner into St George castle, but also beach side night clubs, seafood lunch by the seaside rocks, local wine producers tasting …etc.

We take care of all details including flights from home town, on site accommodation, all tours, catering with personalized menus. We care for art de la table details, which are part of the luxury of the travel experience. Musicians and fado singers are selected, to avoid tourist traps, transportation and selection of typical vehicles are provided to avoid regular tourist bus.


Incentive in Capetown organized for a top club sales agents of a N° 1  Multinational Technology  Chinese Company

Discovery of Capetown into the most exclusive way such as wine land tour into old vintage cars, head to the extrem south point of  Africa « Cape of  Good Hope » with sports cars dating back 50’TIES 60’TIES AND 70’TIES driven by the participants or enjoy a cocktail at sunset on table mountain.

We take care of all details including flights from home town, on site accommodation, all tours, catering with personalized menus. We care for art de la table details, which are part of the luxury of the travel experience : Local oysters with champagne for breakfast; ostrich tasting in a private farm, superb seafood restaurants by the seaside rocks, dramatic landscape picnic by the river, privatization of the gold museum for gala diner with African live band and interactive drum playing by the clients themselves, township dancing kids band to support local talents and funds, transportation with a selection of typical vehicles to avoid regular tourist bus tours, white shark diving into cages for the thrill !

Meet the population and provide each guest with a souvenir gift made by the local women aids fund association to support health care needs and close the day by a local diamond jewelry shop visit, and a little precious stone… to be won after found in a champagne glass… Only 1 participant will be the lucky winner…

Incentive in Victoria falls organized for top club sales agents of a no 1 computer asian company. 

Discovery of  great Victoria falls and the region into the most exclusive way with accomodation in hotel at the falls. astonishing program will include outdoor tent massage by the falls river facing hippos & crocodile at sunset  as a welcome arrival gift after long trip to zambia, helicopter flight over the falls, river boat safari in botswana, 4×4 safari in Zimbabwe & elefant safari and zipping over the river.

Astonishing program will include outdoor under private tent body massage by the river falls facing hippos & crocodile at sunset as a welcome arrival gift after long flight to arrive Zambia, helicopter flight over the falls, river boat safari in Botswana, 4×4 safari in Zimbabwe & elephant safari and zipping over the river. 

Superb nights of Africa will include boma dinner with local tribe dancers, dinner by the river surrounded by zebra with crocodile nuggets tasting, local children choral singers and gala dinner on board private 100 years old Victorian steam train routing from Zambia to Zimbabwe Victoria falls point into the night. Champagne served outside the train into the station at the foot of the falls on arrival.

Our agency took care of all details including flights, on site accommodation, tours, catering…


Incentive in Jamaica organized for sales agents & distributors  of a N°1 IT Taiwanese company.

Relax into exclusive hotel of Jamaica with  accommodations in Victorian style individual  mansions with private pool,  each mansion including up to 6 bedrooms would permit each sales agent to share accommodation with its own group of clients and forge closer business relations.

Program will include a lot of on-sight activities such as water sports, swim with the dolphins but also golf, water falls tour, catamaran day tour, bamboo river rafting and private reggae night with local live band on tropical gardens of an old windmill place. Drums player nights beach parties and many more fun shared times.

Our agency took care of all the on sight program and flights from home town  of all the participants.


Incentive in British Columbia – Canada organized for sales agents of a no 1 computer American company.

Discover great city of Vancouver and  other close by great places such as Whistler, most famous skiing station of North America and beautiful city of Victoria.

Relax into the most exclusive hotel of whistler on the Blackcomb mountain foot in autumn season and experience a great program including salmon fishing with hydroplane flight landing into the lake in order to direct access  the boats;  participants fished salmon that we then turned into a BBQ  lunch by the river, helicopter tour landing into a glacier where private set up of picnic finger food lunch is organized with champagne bottled planted into the snow at our feet, logo flag of the company planted on top  of the mountain above the scene !

Other strong moments of the incentive program will include doing canoe into spectacular scenery of B.C; thanksgiving diner into a private oak round beams mansion of a Canadian family,  diner in modern cellar, whales watching into Sooke harbour near Victoria with beautiful lunch in Sooke mansion ; native American Indian private night into a totem pole house with native American ethnic group who will do a potlatch performance, Haida tribe dances; and serve great traditional food, privatization of anthropologic museum of Vancouver  and have meeting + cocktail among beautiful north American native Indian ancient objects & art display. Tour the Victoria region in ancient Daimler cars and visit Stanley park and Capistano suspended bridge of  Vancouver before leaving !