A congress is a formal meeting in which representatives or experts discuss important matters, make decisions, etc. A large formal meeting of representatives from countries or societies at which ideas are discussed and information is exchanged: Very often medical congresses are internationally held and the organization o a trip is also needed for each member to come to the venue and participate. A symposium is a different term most of the time used for a scientific or cultural congress. The word takes its roots into the ancient greek language that would then designate a social gathering and then institution.


Organization of the events includes everything such as  : individual travel from home town of all the  participants, accommodation, transportation, catering & venue for the congress.

Congress are often gathering hundreds of participants  and large spaces are needed such as big capacity amphitheater and meeting ballrooms. The audio visual technology is also important for best results of the congress. Most of the orators are sometime flying in just for the day and special cares are to be given to all individual needs and requirements of this short appearance  of numerous personalities. 

1/ Medical congress in Disneyland – Paris  –  take advantage of great location nearby paris airport, Paris being also an easily accesssible capital city . Disneyland hotels are all equiped with state o the art meeting facilites and huges spaces. Corporate conventions is a real Disneyland number one business as important as the familiy tourist ones coming for the amusement park.

2/ Medical congress in Barcelona – Spain and take advantage of great location; nearby airport, Barcelona being also easily accesssible city well trained to welcome crowds of visitors with its convention center and football  activities. People can enjoy the famous lively nights of the spanish city after diners and discover the beautiul architecture left by Gaudi.

3/ Medical congress in Rome – Italy – take advantage of great location, nearby airport, Rome being also an easily accesssible city. People can enjoy the famous lively nights of the italian capital city after diners  & nocturne italian life. Diners will be organized in central town so participants can  discover the beautiful city in a minimum time.

4/ Medical congress in Brussels – Belgium : Take advantage of a great location, nearby airport, Brussels being also an easily accessible city and European Capital. Enjoy great chocolate souvenir boxes !

For this medical congress we have realized an incredible challenge. It was at the time, also the anniversary  of famous TINTIN. Tintin is the titular protagonist of The Adventures of Tintin; the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Tintin’s creator died in 1983, yet his creation remains a popular literary figure, even featured in a 2011 Hollywood film directed by Steven Spielberg. We did offer to each participant a copy of one of the adventure book of Tintin in its mother tongue that we have had translated in more than 15 different languages.