Why choose Qatar as your next MICE destination ? the country’s position on the world tourism map as a premium destination for authentic experiences & state of the art infrastructures sets the perfect place for your next professional event ! An ideal  geographic position too, a hub between Europe & Asia. Qatar, an emirate where people cherish heritage & modernity, a country that will surprise you ! A land that understands a traveler can never be a stranger, just a friend not yet met. That ultimately everyone is on their own journey, seeking the warmth of a friendly embrace, unique experiences, new stories to share. Where a meal is not a meal unless it is shared. A land rooted in ancient cultures, authentic soul, where past learning informs contemporary vision. Progressive spirit ignites new futures. A land set between desert & sea offering enlightenment, invigoration and inspiration through its warmth of soul and spirit of vision. An invitation to explore great desert outdoors activities, beaches, pools, Spas, great hotels, best gourmet restaurants, great malls, a beautiful traditional old souq facing a modern skyline bordering 8 km of seaside corniche. A falcon souq with its falcon hospital and a superb museum built onto the sea are not to be missed before embarking into a great dhow cruise to enjoy the postcard night views of Doha under the stars. Find out what makes Doha a unique destination were famous architects like I.M Pei & Jean Nouvel have already taken part with their beautiful constructions ! Come and visit, you will not regret it ! Marhaba !